Managing the Inevitable: Three Components of Effective Returns Management

In 2021, 20.8% of online purchases were returned—up from 18.1% in 2020. A 20% loss in revenue represents a serious risk for retailers, especially as online sales continue to grow at a faster rate than expected.

How do you embrace product returns? Even for new or small ecommerce businesses, it's simple to adopt an enterprise-grade online returns strategy. Download this white paper to learn how to:

  1. Win customers with a good policy
  2. Keep customers with an easy return process
  3. Maximize and retain revenue
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Key Takeaways You Can Run With

Supply Chain
What's the #1 driver of a positive return experience?
Hint: Free shipping matters.
Does your return policy influence new sales?
Trust us, your customers want a safety net.
Constant Improvement
How can feedback help my marketing?
From photos to features, this data is priceless.

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