Take control of your returns and exchange experience.

Because post-purchase is just as much a part of your company’s brand as the rest.

Return Rabbit

Return Rabbit is a post purchase platform that helps e-commerce companies offer an intuitive customer experience while increasing exchanges and reducing returns. Or in other words, we help you retain more customers and give you a better bottom line for your business.

What Your Customers See

  • One-click returns and exchanges
  • An easy to use, branded experience extending directly from your website
  • Seamless yet non-intrusive touchpoints to consider exchanges over returns
  • Faster refunds

What You See

  • Better retainment of revenue
  • Higher trust and satisfaction from your customer base
  • Insight into performance of products and post-purchase operations
  • Customizable business, discount and promotion rules
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Use post-purchase insights to drive efficiency in product decisions and operational excellence.

We’re a customer-first company. That means we’ve designed our platform to arm ecommerce businesses with data that identifies low performing products and opportunities to improve their returns and exchange operations. Because at the end of the day, we want your customers to be satisfied with every purchase they make.

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Why choose Return Rabbit?

50% Reduction in Returns
1 in 3 Returns Converted to Exchanges
80% Reduction in WISMO and Customer Service Requests
Return Handing time: 2 Minutes
Retained Revenue from Reduced returns and increased exchanges
Industry Standards
20-30% Return Rate
41% of customers buy an item with the intention to return it
1 Customer Service FTE required per 5K orders
Return Handling Time: 7 mins
Increasing costs due to unprecedented rate of returns

We’re Not Just Software.
We’re Your Partner.

It’s one thing to have a post-purchase platform that works really well. It’s another to be able to use the same platform to improve your business.

Return Rabbit offers services that help customers identify and correct inefficiencies in their product offerings and supply chain. These services include:

Custom Reports & Analytics

Receive a custom report to understand how successful your messaging, products, and deals have been based on returns and exchanges analytics.

Supply Chain Consulting

Go a step further from customer service to ensure that your returns operations and processes are set up for optimal efficiency

Post-Purchase Consulting

Maximize your post-purchase workflow by leveraging our team of experts that bring insights into market trends, best practices, and innovations

So whether it’s identifying trends in your return reasons or reevaluating your business’ supply chain, we’re here to help you along the way.

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