Return Rabbit enhances retailers' ability to service customers across multiple channels

Giving your customers a responsive experience has never been easier. Retailers can now provide best-in-class service while ensuring that operations run efficiently.

Return & Exchange Management

“Returns experience that retains revenue and drives deeper relationships”
Fully Branded Portal
Keep your brand experience consistent with a custom branded returns portal that is intuitive and easy to use for all your customers across any device. Make reverse logistics deliver faster results
Multichannel Returns
Give your customers consistent brand experience with options to return in store. Improve in-store up-sell by empowering the store with intelligence about the customers on the products they expect to return and their history of preference
Turn Returns to Exchanges
Complete the purchase experience loop by helping customers do an in-line exchange in an instant. Return Rabbit makes it easy to turn reasonable returns into painless exchanges without losing any revenue in the process
Powerful Rules & Workflows
A robust suite of rules & workflows enable exception handling, create transaction thresholds, integrate with customer support systems that allows deep flexibility while maintaining high standard of operations
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“Transparency that builds trust”
Branded Shipment Tracking
Give your customers a complete experience of your brand. Send them order tracking emails that are branded as your store, dynamically update over emails or let them track it on your website
Proactive Delay Alerts
Send your operations and your customers alerts on predicted delays. Return Rabbit learns delivery patterns for each zip code and predicts their ability to deliver on time or delays. Stay ahead of the curve and inform proactively
Shipment Control Center
Get an intuitive map-based console that gives you pinpoint intelligence on all forward and reverse shipments
On Demand Reporting
Access detailed reports that your team needs to ensure timely insights and actions. Download directly, on demand, or schedule automated reports to any members on your team.
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“Automation gives retailers the power to exponentially improve productivity”
Program Repetitive Tasks
Automation gives you the ability to program repeat tasks that require little human supervision. For instance, program refunds based on transaction amount, or pre-approved return labels
Define Trigger Events
Give yourself the ability to define transaction based events and a response action for those events. For instance, promo category of items may be given a unique set of return rules
Supercharge Support Functions
Functions like Customer Support interactions and Return Warehouse ops can now be easily automated using Return Rabbit’s Automation feature. Get complete traceability through audit logs
Establish Strong Governance
Manage Policies, Decision Hierarchies and Exceptions that require multi-user approvals, easily tracked and redirected for escalation
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