It’s time to change the way you approach returns management.

Gone are the days of returns and exchanges being a cost-center—now, they’re hare-raisingly easy. See why Return Rabbit drives 2-3x more exchanges and try out the power of REX for yourself today.

Startup Plan
Limited Time Offer
  • 500 monthly returns
  • Custom Return Reasons
  • Return Policy Customization
  • Full Catalog Exchanges
  • White Labeled
  • Tracking Pages
  • Label Free QR Code
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • 3PL Integrations
  • Major Carrier Support
Market Leader Plan
For eCommerce Powerhouses
  • 1,500 monthly returns
  • Start Up Features Plus ...
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Exchange Incentives
  • Product Recommendation Engine
Contact Us
For Marketplace Leaders
  • Custom monthly return pricing
  • International Shipping
  • Custom Integrations

Why choose Return Rabbit for returns management?

When you compare Return Rabbit feature-by-feature to other Shopify returns management apps like Loop, Returnly, Happy Returns, and Return Magic, the choice is clear. You get more features, more functionality, and more value with Return Rabbit.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Return Rabbit?

We’re an exchange-first returns management platform for Shopify brands who want to level up their post purchase experience. Our technology is data driven and focused on increasing your bottom line so you can retain revenue, and customers.

Can I schedule a demo?

Of course! Just fill out this form and our team will be in touch ASAP. If you prefer to watch a pre-recorded demo instead, you can do that here.

How do I get started?

Start by signing up for a free trial. In less than 48 hours, we’ll have you up and running and you can start customizing your returns portal, branded emails, and smart product recommendations using REX.

How is the returns portal customizable?

You can customize your colors, logo placement, and messaging easily within the platform.

What is a product recommendation engine?

Our trusty recommendation engine, REX, leverages customer buying behavior to provide personalized recommendations that drive more exchanges. REX makes the return and exchange process more tailored, efficient, and cost-effective.

What are exchange incentives?

Exchange incentives are another way to encourage an exchange over a return. That could mean a one-time exchange bonus at checkout, discount forwarding, or offering full catalog exchanges (we do all that and more!).


Announcing: Tracking Rabbit

The #1 question flooding your customer support inbox has met its match with Tracking Rabbit. A Shopify app complete with branded order tracking emails, lookup landing pages, and smart upsell recommendations, Tracking Rabbit answers “Where is my order?” before it’s even asked.

$0.04 per extra shipment above 200
  • 200 Monthly Shipments
  • Branded Tracking & Lookup
  • Recommendations & Upsells
  • Email Notifications
  • 100+ Courier Integrations
  • Order Statuses
$0.04 per extra shipment above 400
  • 400 Monthly Shipments
  • All Free Features, Plus:
  • Delivery Analytics
$0.03 per extra shipment above 1,000
  • 1,000 Monthly Shipments
  • All Free Features, Plus:
  • Delivery Analytics
Market Leader
$0.025 per extra shipment above 5,000
  • 5,000 Monthly Shipments
  • All Free Features, Plus:
  • Delivery Analytics