5x ROI on Shopify returns? Now that’s an app to hop about.

Return Rabbit’s revenue-focused, data driven technology makes returns management hare-raisingly easy for Shopify brands.

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Introducing Tracking Rabbit
An order tracking and lookup app exclusively in the Shopify App Store that powers up your post-purchase experience.

Uncover the Data You Really Need

Without the right metrics, you can’t deliver what your shoppers need. Our advanced analytics dashboard reveals trends in your returns and exchanges, detailed product feedback insights, and a deeper analysis of shopper behaviors all in one place.

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Omni-Channel Returns to Service Your Customers Wherever They Are

Returns and exchanges aren’t a one size fits all type of deal. Your returns portal needs to offer options that fit your customer’s lifestyle whether thats in-store drop offs, via mail, scheduled carrier pick ups, or label-less returns.

Platform Features
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Custom Return Reasons to Help You Improve Your Products

If you don’t know why your customers are returning your products, then you can’t go anywhere! With Return Rabbit, you can customize return reasons unique to your products so you can improve for the future.

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