Your WISMO problem?
Solved, with automated order tracking.

The #1 question flooding your customer support inbox has met its match with Tracking Rabbit. A Shopify app complete with branded order tracking emails, lookup landing pages, and smart upsell recommendations, Tracking Rabbit answers “Where is my order?” before it’s even asked.

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Automate Customer Communication
Don’t abandon your customers when they need you most—stay with them every step of the way while they wait for their order to arrive with a custom tracking page and email notifications.
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Create Loyal Customers
In any relationship, communication is key. Up to 8 additional order tracking touchpoints with your customers keep them informed and inspire long-term loyalty.
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Drive More Revenue
You already have their attention, so add promotions and upsell recommendations to increase customer lifetime value

The 411: What is Tracking Rabbit?

Tracking Rabbit is part of a connected suite of value-driven Shopify apps with a mission to strengthen shopper engagement and win more revenue during the post-purchase experience. With the app, Shopify merchants can provide shoppers with real-time order tracking information and increase sales by turning every interaction into a branded upsell opportunity with targeted marketing communication. Tracking Rabbit is the easiest way to create a better order tracking experience for your shoppers.

It’s simple! Tracking Rabbit reinforces your brand, improves customer satisfaction, and boosts your sales through order tracking. Plus it’s straightforward to install (so simple that a rabbit could do it). And cost starts at...FREE!


Order tracking with a twist

Sending your customers to a carrier tracking page is fine, but it's not really YOU. Tracking Rabbit takes minutes to set up, and allows Shopify merchants to give their customers a seamless, branded experience from custom shipping notification to order tracking lookup page. Plus all the other stuff like upsell recommendations, sales messages, promotions, and even customizable product recommendations.

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Support your customers when they need you the most

Your product is awesome, so of course your customers are ecstatic to receive their order. Satisfy their need to know exactly where it is every step of the way, from order processing to delivered. Shopify merchants can add up to 8 unique communication touchpoints, tap into actionable insights to enhance the customer experience, identify key shopping trends to improve operational efficiency, and more within the app.

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Ready to Get Started?

No more triaging customer service WISMO questions across social media DMs, emails, webforms, and phone calls. Tracking Rabbit’s seamless, automated order tracking keeps your customers informed, while saving you time and money so you can focus on more important things (like acquiring more customers).