The Features You Really Need for Returns & Exchanges

Start driving 5x ROI on returns

Our motto is exchanges first, returns last (Refunds? Never heard of them). What's more, Return Rabbit’s smart recommendation engine leverages customer buying behavior from your Shopify store to provide product recommendations that’ll drive more exchanges.

Unlimited exchange options
REX displays customized recommendations that customers are more likely to exchange for.
A deeper focus on revenue retention
REX gives your brand a second chance with customers so you can retain the revenue you generated in the first place.
Instant exchanges
Faster is better and with REX, the exchange process is instant so your customers aren’t held back by a tedious process.

Enjoy a fully branded experience from start to finish

Your brand is important, so you can customize your return portal to showcase logos, colors, and more. Customize your colors, logo placement and messaging with ease using the shopper portal and editing your portal’s theme.

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Utilize custom automation and business rules

It’s your returns portal, so you shouldn’t be stuck with generic automation tools. Return Rabbit let’s you decide which aspects of your business you want to automate and how you want to set up your own policies. Whether you need automated emails or want to control the amount of exchanges per transaction, you have the ability to do it all. Think about it this way: enterprise grade power with small business pricing and a streamlined user experience. Pretty great right?

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Start getting into the specifics of product feedback

Return reasons and product feedback are a gold mine of useful data, so you shouldn’t be limited to standard options. That's why we allow for return reasons tailored to certain products. So whether your customer ordered the wrong size or thought the item didn’t match the description, you can get the info you need to improve your Shopify store. But maybe it can’t be that easy. Maybe you need to see the product before you can approve a return or exchange. No problem. Customers can quickly and easily upload images of their items to speed up the process.

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Discover a 360 degree view of your returns management process

All the data you need to streamline your products and strengthen the customer experience in one place. Utilize ROI-based reporting to reduce your return rate and increase your bottom line. Our robust analytics dashboard allows Shopify merchants to discover top return trends, optimize products, and learn more about shopper behavior.

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Shipping methods that make your life easier

QR codes
QR codes streamline the shipping and logistics process. All your customer has to do is show the QR code to the carrier and hand off the item. No label or packaging necessary.
Schedule a pickup
Customers can have their shipment picked up from their home or office by scheduling a pick up from the Return Rabbit platform.
Return in store
Sometimes it’s easier for the customer to return their item to a physical location. The customer will use the same platform to choose to go into the store and the store manager will use the merchant portal to check that item back in and complete the process. No extra steps and all in one place.
Let the customer handle it
If your customer wants to return their item through their favorite carrier, we have that capability as well.

Why we're the leading exchange-first returns platform

Monetary Incentives
Within the platform, brands can waive multiple fees including processing and shipping fees to encourage an exchange instead of a return. Merchants can also utilize discount forwarding and promo management to honor discounts made on the original item. You can even offer additional exchange credit to your customers when they opt to exchange. Anything is possible.
Convenience Incentives
We’re all about making the process as easy as possible, without sacrificing revenue. Our platform offers full catalog exchanges which means that your customers can exchange their product for any in-stock item in your store. If that doesn’t do it, we also offer instant exchanges. In this case, you would send the customer’s exchange package as soon as the customer has shipped the original product (or as soon as the order has been created).
A customized returns portal in less than 48 hours.
That’s right. In 48 hours or less your entire returns portal can be set up and ready to go.
Introducing Tracking Rabbit

Now there’s a better way to do order tracking

Tracking Rabbit is an order tracking app exclusively on the Shopify App Store that reinforces your brand, improves customer satisfaction, and boosts your sales through branded tracking pages and email notifications. With Tracking Rabbit, Shopify merchants can say goodbye to WISMO tickets and provide shoppers with real-time order tracking information that meets your customers where they are: on your Shopify store and in their email.

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