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    How much can Return Rabbit save for your business?

    Discover what your ROI could be with Return Rabbit. Our revenue focused returns management solution is the leading platform for eCommerce brands.

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    Your Return Rabbit Return on Investment

    Retain Revenue Through Exchanges

    Our revenue-focused returns management solution optimizes for winning exchanges ahead of giving out refunds. The goal is simple: to deliver a massive ROI for eCommerce retailers.

    Time is Precious

    Automated returns management saves merchants a minimum of 10 minutes per return, allowing your team to re-invest their time to tackle more complex problems.

    Not to Mention…Happy Shoppers are Loyal Shoppers

    A seamless return and exchange experience gives your shoppers confidence to recommend your brand and return to shop again and again (and again).

    And here's what else you get...

    Robust Analytics
    Unlock a 360 degree view of your returns management process. Discover return trends, optimize your products, uncover shopper behavior tendencies, and more.
    Seamless Experience
    We make the returns process quick and painless for both you and your customers. All you need is 48 hours to get up and running (seriously, it's that easy).
    Brand identity
    Stronger Brand
    With Return Rabbit you can expect a consistent, satisfying shopping experience that creates loyal customers and a stronger brand presence.
    Save time
    Cost Savings
    A good returns platform saves you time, a great one saves you money too. Every time a customer clicks the return button with Return Rabbit, brands generate $29 in revenue on average.
    Ready to get Started?
    An easy returns and exchanges experience plus a stronger brand presence all in one platform.