Return myths debunked

Top 4 eCommerce returns myths debunked

ECommerce returns are often seen as a cost suck and not treated as the revenue generator that...

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How you're losing money with your current returns platform

The eCommerce industry is constantly changing, which means that your returns management platform...

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Stressed to shopping: How to level up your return policy

You have a killer product, amazing marketing, and a list of 5-star reviews to make any customer...

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4 things merchants should know about returns and exchanges in 2021

If your returns and exchanges process is less than stellar, your customer’s experience will...

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Writing a return policy: How to do it, and do it well

Returns and exchanges are all a part of doing business online. In fact, 41% of customers buy an...

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4 easy ways to improve your returns management

The experience of returns can be disappointing for customers and companies alike. For companies,...

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