JUMP into 2022: A letter from our CEO

There’s no denying the challenges and roadblocks that we’ve had to overcome the past year and a...

Blog eric free shipping

How free shipping impacts profitability for your eCommerce brand

Shoppers often cite free shipping and a good returns program as the #1 and #2 non-product...

4 way returns managment

4 ways returns management can strengthen your business performance

It’s no secret that the goal of a retailer’s returns management program is to both increase...

Rr blog katelyn glass 1

Sustainability, scalability, and the post-purchase experience: A conversation with Fifty Six agency founder Katelyn Glass

We kicked off our newest interview series with the founder of Fifty Six eCommerce and Marketing...

Marvin meyer SYTO3xs06f U unsplash

Increasing efficiency for eCommerce returns

Driving efficiency is one of the common threads that has been woven through each of my...

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